We are using CruiseControl.NET as our CI build server for a while now and it is working fine. CC.NET displayed test results of NUnit and included NCover, NDepend, Simian and FxCop reports for code analyzes. Also produced deployment package and documentation. For build script we are using NAnt which configuration is stored in source control along our projects so all can be controlled in one place. There are only few cons with Cruise Control – it’s based on XML configuration and it doesn’t include proper account management with access control.
So I thought I would try some other CI server and because I heard lot about TeamCity I decided to give it a shot.

Firstly, installation of the TeamCity was smooth and I got it running quickly. Internally it’s based on Java and runs on built-in Tomcat server. By default it uses a internal storage engine but it’s strongly suggested that in production it should be reconfigured to use some proper database like MSSQL or MySQL. I chose MSSQL because it was already installed on the server. I followed instructions on the documentation and got it running. Read the rest of this entry »